Friday, December 26, 2014

NEWS FOR FACEBOOK, CBS, NBC, FOX, OR ABC: How To Use Text Message Marketing to Instantly Super Charge Press Release Response!

It's not easy, but it's also not that hard to assemble the personal phone numbers of great media contacts. The type of contacts that can decide whether your story gets prime time local or national TV news coverage or not.

Here's a simple way to do it, come up with a postcard offer that you can use to send to major reporters and producers in any or of the Top 100 media markets and national broadcast outlets like Good Morning America, Today, CBS Good Morning, BBC, or even 60 Minutes.

Here's how you can do it, the list of media contacts and executive producers in the top 100 markets is available through either list rental or simply using a search engine to get their names and addresses. You can even get their hard line phone numbers, but this works better when you get their personal cell numbers.

Now come up with a postcard offer with an 800 number (the 800 number is critical to your success) that can't be ignored in order for this technique to work.

Simply create an offer that is irresistible. Tell them you are introducing a news service that is both local and national and the first person in each market that responds from their personal cell number will get the BREAKING stories (that they won't get from any other news service) before any other reporter or producer in their market.

With an 800 number you get their phone cell phone number when they respond and you can call back and thank them for responding. You can say the service is free, but you want the credit by putting up your .com URL for five seconds, now you are building value to your business model and you didn't pay for it.

Here's the beauty of this idea... it can be done for any industry contacts you want to make and because of the 800 phone number you get their phone numbers instantly.

Let's face it, getting people to read emails isn't easy, but how many times do you get text messages or experience text message marketing other than Redbox?

Text message and text message marketing are virgin territory and you can send the hyperlink to your story or get people to call you if the news needs further explanation or to schedule an interview!

I'm stunned how little this medium is being used and the possibilities are endless.  Imagine that the internet is a crowded highway and text message and text message marketing is A SIX LANE HIGHWAY BUT NO ONE DRIVES ON IT. YOU CAN DRIVE A HUNDRED MILES AN HOUR INSTEAD OF BEING STUCK IN BUMPER TO BUMPER TRAFFIC

Why fight the crowd on line and through GOOGLE Ad words and FACEBOOK when you don't have to?

                                           Written by Brad Richdale Author